Underfloor Heating - Which floor coverings work best?

Underfloor heating works well with a variety of commonly used floor coverings. Underfloor heating is more commonly installed under tile floors, such as ceramic, stone or terracotta. But while tile floors generally work best, underfloor heating can also be installed under carpet and timber, or vinyl and laminate floor coverings.

When installing underfloor heating underneath timber floors, be sure to check that the wood is recommended for installation with underfloor heating. As experienced designers, Thermal Earth will be able to make brand recommendations as well as discuss the various requirements during installation to make sure your flooring will work efficiently with the system being installed.

Carpets tend to insulate heat which you will need to be mindful of if choosing to pair it with your underfloor heating system. Carpet can work well though, so long as you choose the correct tog value of both the carpet and underlay. Again, the right choice can be made with our advice and help.

Tiles are more commonly used on top of underfloor heating. This is thanks to their rise in popularity for modern interiors and the ability to prevent the feeling of a cold tiled floor under foot is always desirable. Thicker tiles will inevitably take longer to heat up, but once the optimum temperature is reached there is little difference in efficiency between thicker and thinner surfaces. Vinyl and laminate floor coverings can be used as long as they again are recommended for underfloor heating use. Not all vinyls and laminates are compatible so make sure you check before hand. We will be able to discuss your options and make brand recommendations to help you make the best choice.

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