MasterTherm Heat Pumps

mastertherm heat pumps logoMasterTherm are manufacturers of a superior range of technologically advanced Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps

Over the last 20 years they have established themselves as market leaders, as confirmed by thousands of installations throughout the UK and across Europe.

MasterTherm Products


    AquaMaster Combi (NEW)

    Featuring the same intelligent control systems as the AquaMaster Inverter and integral stainless steel hot water cylinger, this unit requires minimum space and can be positioned in a kitchen or utility room. All-in-one nature of this product results in a more efficient installation.
    Ground Source Integral 190l hot water cylinder Integral Solar Controller & coil Small footprint No Buffer Tank Required

    AquaMaster Inverter

    This award winning pump achieves the highest efficiency in its class. The BLDC compressor with frequency controlled inverter drive continuously adjusts its output to the building’s heating demand. This means the AquaMaster Inverter only produces the energy the property needs. It also means we can remove or reduce the capacity of a buffer tank.
    Ground Source High Efficiency BLDC Compressor Remote System Management No Buffer Tank Required Integral Solar Controller

    BoxAir Inverter

    The latest development in the MasterTherm range of products to feature Inverter technology and single phase output up to 22kW (A7W35). The range combines thecompact design of the BoxAir with an electronic expansion valve, electronic control and BLDC inverter compressor technology in a single compact unit that offers many advantages compared to standard equipment.
    Air Source Variable Output Control Zero Amp Starting Current Operate down to –20°c Soft start as standard (230v)
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    • Solar Thermal Hot Water Integration Capability
    • Variable control for underfloor heating management
    • Heating & cooling capability
    • Unique Inverter Technology allows variable output from the heat pump
    • Low noise output
    • Wide range of sizes
    • Weather compensation
    • Remote diagnostics via the internet
    • 7 year manufacturer’s warranty when the remote diagnostics module is chosen



      When provided with a permanent internet connection, heat pumps will carry a 7 year warranty.


      A Mastertherm Heat Pump can save you up to 70% on your heating running costs when compared to Oil or LPG.


      MasterTherm Heat Pumps are MCS accredited and will qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. Even with no subsidies or other financial incentives, the initial investment in a Heat Pump will have a very short payback period compared to other commonly used heating systems. A Heat Pump will typically pay for itself in 5 - 8 years.


      Heat Pumps use low amounts of energy when operating and utilise natural, low grade energy sources making them an environmentally friendly choice. Heat Pump systems also produce significantly lower emissions than conventional heating systems.


      Use of the latest technology and our unique control features make MasterTherm products easy to use and require practically no intervention by the user. This results in an optimum level of end-user convenience. The Heat Pump can even be controlled and monitored using a mobile phone or the internet.


      Heat Pump models supplied by MasterTherm can be equipped with a reverse cooling mode making them dual purpose i.e. they can provide both heating and cooling.

    • SAEFTY

      All Mastertherm Heat Pumps are manufactured and tested to rigid standards, no fossil fuels are burnt, there is no risk of explosion, fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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