Cyclone Stainless Steel Thermal Store

The Cyclone Stainless Steel Thermal Store has been designed with multi-fuel heating systems in mind. The cylinder allows an easy installation of solid fuel, solar and boiler heat sources easily and effectively. The cylinder safely stores pressurised hot water and is fully compliant with current plumbing practices and standards.

The tank operates like a hot water cylinder in reverse. The tank is completely full of heating system water, the domestic hot water flows through a network of coils up through the centre of the tank supplying you with high flow rate pressurised hot water at piping hot temperatures. The Cyclone Stainless Stole Thermal Store is ideally suited to providing solar heat support and domestic hot water production simultaneously and easily.

Immersion Heater options

Incoloy immersions come as standard in all Cyclone Cylinders unless otherwise stated. Incoloy immersions are designed for low to medium use in a domestic application. If the water been stored is hard or the usage is high, we recommend Titanium Immersions. Please contact us for details.

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