At Thermal Earth we distribute heating system products from the following world leading manufacturers:


MasterTherm Heat PumpsMasterTherm Heat Pumps

MasterTherm are manufacturers of a superior range of technologically advanced Ground Source and Air Source Heat Pumps. Over the last 25 years they have established themselves as market leaders, as confirmed by thousands of installations throughout the UK and across Europe.

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Heatwave Underfloor Heating

Heatwave Underfloor Heating combines the highest quality products sourced from European manufacturers. Heatwave’s design team will also ensure you have the best performing system and is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and comfort with your chosen heat source.         

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Tesla Powerwall home battery

Tesla Powerwall 2 allows you to capture the excess solar energy you generate during the day rather than letting it go to waste.

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Olimpia Splendid Fan Coils for Heating and Cooling

Olimpia Splendid's range of fan coils and fan radiators covers the whole spectrum of system solutions perfect for low temperature heat pumps offering optimum performance in both heating and cooling mode.

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Wilo Circulation Pumps

Wilo offer a range of high-efficiency HVAC circulators with fixed or variable speeds for domestic or commercial applications. Powerful, easy maintenance and reliability are the characteristics you can expect from Wilo circulation pumps. If you value top-rate performance, Wilo's high-efficiency pumps with approved EEI index are the ones for you.

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Rehau District Heating Pipework

Pre-insulated pipe specialist REHAU has developed a new pipe system for the rapidly growing district heating market in the UK. RAUVITHERM combines the key advantages of high flexibility with high thermal insulating properties.

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Racmet Press Fittings

The most effective and efficient way to complete a plumbing installation. Available in carbon steel and copper press fittings.

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Attack Biomass Boilers

Attack began producing boilers in 1995 in Slovakia. Initially producing gas boilers, Attack soon moved into the Biomass boiler market due to the increased demand for renewable heating. Attack have a world wide market for their products, exporting to countries throughout the EU, Asia, Russia, USA and Canada.

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Sunamp Logo


Discover the world's most energy efficient and compact thermal energy storage batteries. Developed by Sunamp, these batteries provide an innovative yet accessible heat solution for both homes and businesses.

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