We're the official UK distributor for some of Europe's most-trusted and advanced manufacturers. We supply to installers nationwide, providing a one-stop-shop where you can easily order products and parts for heat pump systems at competitive prices.

We supply over 2500 products which can be ordered online or via phone by calling us on 01269 833 100.  Alternatively, see your Thermal Earth approved Merchents for more details.  We also provide a range of other services and support for heat pump installers including system design, borehole drilling and MCS commissioning.


Heat Pump Manufacturers


MasterTherm manufacture a superior range of technologically advanced Ground Source & Air Source Heat Pumps. Over the last 25 years they have established themselves as market leaders, confirmed by thousands of installations throughout the UK & Europe.

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ACOND Air Source Heat Pumps are revolutionary in design and technology. Combining great performance, energy efficiency and sustainability. These models are a great fit for both retrofits and new builds alike, making them a great heating alternative.

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Ariston is a global specialist in heating, with an extensive range of innovative and energy conscious products designed to improve home life. With the successful development and launch of their Heat Pump range in 2000 making their move into sustainable heating technology.

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Underfloor Heating Manufacturers


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Heatwave Underfloor Heating combines the highest quality products sourced from European manufacturers. Heatwave’s design team will also ensure you have the best performing system and is designed to operate at maximum efficiency and comfort with your chosen heat source.

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Storage Systems


Tesla Powerwall 2 allows you to capture the excess solar energy you generate during the day to utilise later in the day when the sun is no longer shining. It will also work in island mode if you ever have a powercut to supply electricty to your home.

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Discover the world's most energy efficient and compact thermal energy storage batteries. Developed by Sunamp, these batteries provide an innovative yet accessible heat solution for both homes and businesses.

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