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Sunamp Heat and Thermal storage Batteries


With their market-leading technology, accessible pricing and variety of units, Sunamp batteries are an economical solution for homes and businesses of any scale to store thermal energy. Sunamp batteries are compatible with heat pumps and Solar, working in harmony to provide cascades of hot water and responsive space heating. UniQ Heat Batteries replace traditional cylinders and integrate renewables.They are easy to fit, low maintenance and have a lifespan of over 40,000 cycles (the equivalent of over 50 years of average use) and can provide up savings of up to 75% on energy bills.

When paired with a heat pump and a smart tariff such as Octopus Agile, this intelligent system will work to charge the Sunamp battery when electricity costs less and deploy heat when electricity prices are higher to maximise savings, efficiency and use of cleaner and more sustainable energy.



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