Heat Pump Solutions for every project




Heat Pump Solutions for all sectors

At Thermal Earth we are passionate about heat pumps and have a solution for all kinds of projects, from retrofits, new-build homes and social housing to commercial properties and agriculture.   Whether you’re looking to lower your fuel bills, or for a low-carbon heating and cooling system, we have the solutions for you. 


Heat pumps for self builds & renovations


Are you renovating your current property? Or building your dream home?  Using our extensive range of domestic heat pumps, we strive to help you find the perfect heating system for your home.  


Heat Pumps for Self Builds & Renovations



Heat pumps for commercial buildings


With a heat pump from Thermal Earth, you can not only heat but also cool your business all year around.  From offices, factories, farms and holiday lodges, no project is too big or small!


Heat Pumps for Commercial Properties



Heat pumps for housing developments


With the Governments ban on installing gas boilers in new build properties and developments from 2025, now is the time to switch to a renewable heating source such as a heat pump.   With a Shared Ground Loop Array system developers can provide heating on a large, low-carbon scale and conform with stringent building regulations.


Heat Pumps for Housing Developments


Heat pumps for social housing


Heat pumps give tenants independent, low-cost and low-carbon heating and hot water all year around, while reducing fuel poverty.


Heat Pumps for Social Housing Projects

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