Ambient Heat Network


Delivering low cost and low carbon heating and cooling. 





WHAT  IS an ambient heat network? 

An Ambient Heat Network is a 5th generation heat network which uses ground source heat pumps, to distribute heat to numerous properties. In traditional networks, heating and hot water is delivered to multiple properties from a centralised system.  This proposed funded solution allows each property to have its own individual heat pump which provides 100% of the heating, hot water, and cooling. It is connected to a borehole heat source array, which circulates at an ambient temperature to avoid wasteful heat loss to the environment.


what is fifth generation district heating? 

A Fifth Generation District Heating and cooling network is a thermal energy supply grid, which circulates low-grade heat sourced from the ground, the air or waste heat processes, around a network of pipes to heat pumps. The heat pumps then upgrade this heat to deliver low-cost and low-carbon heating and cooling.



The benefits of a ground source ambient heat network?

  • Individual, small ground source heat pumps within each individual home
  • Energy from the boreholes is distributed to each individual heat pump
  • The distribution pipework – an ambient-temperature loop – does not suffer from heat losses, improving system efficiency, reducing construction costs, and combatting overheating in buildings.
  • Easily integrated into your home, like any other utility infrastructure
  • Active cooling is also available from the Ambient Heat Network
  • The low temperature of the ambient loop allows for the exploitation of waste heat and other energy boosters to enhance heating and cooling efficiencies.
  • Fifth Generation District Heating supports the electrification and decarbonisation of heat, allowing integration with smart energy systems and opportunities for aggregated energy demand supply.
  • Heat transfer via heat pumps removes the use of combustion heating technology, benefiting air quality by reducing pollution, significantly reducing carbon emissions, and improving safety.




If you’re considering making the switch to a renewable energy system, then we can help. From ground to air source heat pumps, to underfloor heating and solar thermal – we specialise in low carbon heating and are an MCS accredited company.

If you’d like to learn more about one of our renewable heating systems, then please get in touch with us today, and one of our friendly experts will be more than happy to help.


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