borehole drilling

Borehole Drilling

WHAT IS a borehole?

A borehole is a hole drilled in the earth around 20cm wide. They are used to hold vertical ground collectors which circulate thermal energy from the earth to a ground source heat pump to use it for heating or cooling a building. The depth of a borehole and the amount required will depend on the building and its heat requirement. On average most boreholes are around 100 metres deep and it will take around a day to drill to this depth.


About Our Solution

We have 3 bespoke drilling rigs and as part of our Partner Installer Network you can benefit from competitive prices and greater capacity enabling you to complete your projects quicker.

We can drill closed loop boreholes of depths up to 180m, with single or double loop installations.  We then install PE100 pipe, either 32mm to 40mm diameter. All loops are flow and pressure tested before being sealed with a geothermal grout. This ensures the correct thermal properties of the loop in the borehole, and avoids ground contamination of local water sources.

The grout we use is a Thermal Bentonite Grout combined as required with Silica Sands depending on the specification and geological requirements of the ground. This is mixed using our specialised grout mixer and pumped into the borehole to seal the complete borehole from bottom to ground level.

We can also drill open loop boreholes with sizes and depths being drilled to suit the geothermal requirements of the project.

Typical drilling methods we can use include air, air/mist, water and drilling muds. We can also offer simultaneous drilling & casing methods for poor ground conditions with the final borehole finished to a maximum of 150m. Borehole sizes vary from 115mm upwards. This is complemented with our ancillary equipment as required for the complete installation of the works.

Borehole Drilling Rig


Waterwell Drilling

An additional service offered by our in-house drilling rig and team is waterwells. Quotes are prepared on a site-by-site basis.

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