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As the official UK distributor for MasterTherm heat pumps we work with leading heat pump installers around the UK who are highly regarded for their skills and knowledge. We call this our Partner Installer Network or PIN for short. By working with us our Partner Installers benefit from services such as consultation, design and technnical support.  We aim to provide solutions which will help along each step of the installation process so that you can deliver the best possible system and service to your customers. From time to time we also distribute leads to Partner Installers for installations in their area, helping to generate new business. 

In addition to these services we also offer over 2000 products which can be ordered online and Advanced Manufacturer Training Days so that you can continue to develop your knowledge and skills. 

We're always looking for reputable and trusted heat pump installers to work with so if you'd like to join our Partner Installer Network, get in touch for more information.



Consultation Service


We'll meet with you to discuss your project and advise on how a heat pump system could be integrated. 


Consultation Service


We can provide schematics and 3D plant room designs if required, saving you time and resources. 

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Borehole Drilling Rig

Borehole & waterwell drilling

We have 3 drilling rigs operating all over the country. Get in touch for a quote.

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Thermal Response Testing Unit

Thermal response testing

Test the thermal performance of the ground at locations planned for a ground source heat pump installation.   

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Horizontal Ground Collector Slinky


We can design field plans for both horizontal and vertical ground collectors, ready to be handed to groundworkers onsite. 

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Ground Collectors

Ground Collector Optimisation

Maximise system efficiency by using ground collectors in conjunction with solar technologies to 'charge' the ground during warmer months. 

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Electrofusion Welding

 Electrofusion Welding

Outsource your onsite electrofusion welding to our experienced team to increase your capacity but not your overheads.

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Heat Load Reports


   An essential part of the design process, we provide both heat loss and heat load reports for accurate specification and excellent efficiencies.

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Underfloor Heating System Design

underfloor heating system design

We'll make installing underfloor heating quick and easy by providing designs and kits, sending all parts direct to site ready for you.

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Radiator System Design

radiator system design

We stock over 200 radiators and can design a heat distribution system for domestic and commercial buildings. We can also work with designer radiator models chosen by end customers.

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Heat Pump Commissioning

System commissioning

We comission MasterTherm heat pump installations to ensure the system has the correct parameters for the building and that everything is operating as efficiently as possible.

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Fault Finding

technical support & fault finding

   If a system isn't quite performing as it should, we're here to provide technical support and help. Thanks to MasterTherm remote diagnostics we can provide a quick and efficient service.

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