Sustainable Energy Solutions

It’s easy to see why renewable energy is becoming ever more important, when around a third of the country’s carbon emissions come from how buildings are heated.


Create eco-friendly homes that reduce environmental impact, with the help of renewable energy and low temperature, low carbon heating systems.



What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that is derived from the earth's natural resources, which are replenished at a higher rate than there are consumed, like sunlight, wind, waves, tides and geothermal heat.


Renewable energy is also referred to as ‘clean energy’ or ‘green energy’. This is because it does not release harmful amounts of greenhouse gases, so actively helps to reduce global carbon emissions.

At Thermal Earth we specialise in the installation of renewable energy heating systems, offering a bespoke design and supply service for heat pumpsunderfloor heating, solar PV and solar thermal.

As a MCS accredited company, we know that the details matter when it comes to renewable energy sources for your home. That’s why we carefully tailor your system to the property to create an efficient, eco-friendly home that also qualifies for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme.



The Advantages of Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy can offer a range of benefits to homeowners, businesses and the environment, instead of burning fossil fuels.  Here are several advantages of using renewable energy sources:


Renewable energy sources are everlasting

A renewable energy source is sustainable, meaning that it will not run out anytime soon. For example, the sun is expected to shine every morning for at least 4.5 - 5.5 billion years to come, which is the most important difference between renewables and fossil fuels.


Renewable energy is Environmentally friendly

Renewable energy sources are natural ways of energy generation and therefore, classed as clean energy sources.  Although renewable energy technologies can cause some emissions to the environment overall, they emit minimum carbon and greenhouse gases when in operation.


Lower energy costs

Renewable energy offers stable, low ongoing costs to users. Because fossil fuels are a finite resource, it is likely that their cost will continue to rise for the foreseeable future.


Local energy production

As fossil fuels are only available in certain areas of the world, many countries rely on imported energy supplies. By using renewable sources that are widely available, it will be possible to produce energy locally.


Clean energy Systems

By installing a renewable heating system, you can create an eco-friendly home that makes use of earth’s natural energy resources.

Choosing a renewable energy source for your home helps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint with the added benefit of low ongoing running costs.

Thermal Earth offers a range of renewable energy technologies suitable for all properties, from Flats, Terraced houses, new developments, social housing and business premisses.


Heat Pumps

heat pumpis a renewable, green energy system, alternative to a gas or oil boiler.Air source heat pumpsandground source heat pumpsextract heat from the air or ground in order to heat your home. They have the potential to both reduce your environmental impact and lower your fuel bills. Many homeowners can also benefit from grants, like the Boiler Upgrade Scheme when installing a heat pump, helping to offset the upfront cost of installation.

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Solar Thermal

Taking energy from the sun through mounted panels on the roof of the property to maximise sun exposure, a solar thermal system is another renewable energy option that can generate up to 60% of a home's domestic hot water per year. it can also be installed in any type of property.

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Solar PV

Solar PV (solar photovoltaics) is a renewable energy system which uses collectors (panels) to turn solar energy into electricity. It's one of the most widely adopted renewable technologies having been installed around the UK in homes, businesses and solar farms. Solar PV can contribute as much as 50% of a properties electricity requirement to save money on utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint

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Under Floor Heating

Underfloor heating runs at far lower flow temperatures than traditional radiators, making it the most efficient heating system thus reducing the cost the homeowners. The lower input water temperature makes UFH ideal for use with Thermal Earth’s range of Heat Pumpsand Solar Thermal Systems.

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Battery Storage

Battery Storage An energy storage system enables you to optimise the way you use energy to maximise efficiency. Energy storage systems have a diverse range of applications; they can be installed by homeowners to store unused energy generated by solar thermal or solar PVsystems.

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Choosing the right heat pump for your home


A heat pump offers a wide range of benefits, from reducing your carbon footprint to potentially saving money on energy bills. But how do you know if a heat pump is right for you? And which should you choose: air source or ground source?


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