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Heatwave Underfloor Heating

Heatwave Underfloor Heating combines the highest quality products, sourced from leading European manufacturers, with expert in-house design and installation. Heatwave’s design team ensure you have a highly efficient heating system with a layout plan provided for each installation.



The CAD design service we offer uses the very latest in design software to calculate flow temperatures to the manifold. We design a system that guarantees comfortable temperatures year round and an incredibly efficient overall system. It specifies pipe spacing in the chosen room and the length of pipe required to guarantee heat distribution. The spacing of the pipe in the floor is critical and dependent on the design of the room i.e. number of windows, doors, the levels of insulation and the heat source.

When thinking about a heat source, we highly recommend giving consideration to installing a heat pump to accompany your underfloor heating system. Heat pumps output water at lower temperatures and are the most efficient form of heating when combined with underfloor heating.

Taking into account the layout and construction of the building, Thermal Earth can suggest the best construction of the floor, type of insulation and method of positioning the pipe. With so many different types of floor constructions and all affecting the system performance, a bespoke design service is key to a system's overall performance.

Thermal Earth can design the underfloor heating system so that individual rooms have independent control. The system can be controlled from a central timer where zones can be timed and the temperature controlled.



For professional installers Thermal Earth runs NICEIC accredited training courses in underfloor heating design and installation. The course covers all aspects relating to the installation of warm water underfloor heating systems. The course will discuss how systems can be connected to most heat sources. For Training Academy details please click here for further information.

Should you require fitting or on-site advice we can arrange for a Heatwave underfloor representative or installer to assist you.


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