Horizontal Collector Kit 1600m 40mm HDPE + 50m 63mm HDPE


Ref: GH81600

Item contents

  • 1 x Robokit 1/2" Sealed Kit (8-80l) (CA-900000)
  • 1 x Y Strainer 2" BSP (LS006)
  • 1 x Reflex Heating Expansion Vessel 50l (HV50C)
  • 1 x NEW BRADO 846R 8 sec. with flow (GEO-BRA-8)
  • 2 x ElectroFusion 63mm Coupler (CBKHA63)
  • 2 x Lever Ball Valve - 28mm (ER-28MMBV)
  • 2 x ElectroFusion 63mm 90° Elbow (EBKHA63X90)
  • 2 x ElectroFusion 63mm PE to 2" BSP (ZCBKHA63X2)
  • 5 x Lever Ball Valve - Blue Handle 2" (AI-171B09)
  • 16 x ElectroFusion 40mm Coupler (CBKHA40)
  • 16 x Ground Loop and Heating System 25l (DTX-25L)
  • 25 x Armaflex Class 0 Insul Tube (ARMAC06713)
  • 50 x Geothermal Pipe 63mm SDR11 (GEO63)
  • 1600 x Geothermal Pipe 40mm SDR11 (GEO40)
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