Consultation and FeasibilityConsultation and Feasibility Study

Whether you're working on a new build or upgrading an existing property, it's important to take the time to consider energy efficiency. By doing so you can increase comfort and reduce your carbon footprint, energy usage and utility costs. We work on projects in both the domestic and commercial sectors to provide consultation and feasibility for the installation of heat pump systems. 



What happens during the consultation process?

We look at each building on a case by case basis as not all consultation and feasibility services will be required. Some of our processes include:

  • Conducting a site visit to inspect the current system, check insulation and determine spatial resource
  • Producing heat loss and heat heat load reports
  • Thermal response testing
  • Checking results of other boreholes drilled in the area
  • Funding availability


New buildings are often very well insulated inline with Building Regulations requirements. Older properties on the other hand can sometimes have their heat load drastically reduced through simple measures of improving insulation. Loft spaces are easily accessible, however improving the insulation and walls can sometimes be more difficult. Thermal Earth can recommend how best to improve insulation in the more inaccessible areas whilst other work is being carried out (e.g. improving insulation in floors and ceiling whilst underfloor heating is being installed). Upgrades to windows and doors will also lower the heatload of the building, Thermal Earth can assess what impact improving the various elements will have to the heatload and the efficiency of the system.


The suitability of renewable technologies depends on a number of factors including heat load of the building, supply of fuel, customer’s lifestyle etc. Thermal Earth will provide an impartial recommendation on what renewable technology is best suited to you and your property and can provide the following;

  • Capital cost of the installation
  • Estimated payback times
  • Ongoing maintenance and running costs
  • Estimated returns from any applicable incentive/payback schemes such as the Renewable Heat Incentive

Upon receipt of a feasibility report the customer should be well informed of the renewable technologies on offer and be confident that the recommendations have been well investigated and justified.


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