Ground source heat pumps work by absorbing natural heat from the ground and transferring the heat into homes or commercial buildings to provide heating for rooms and water in the buildings without burning any fossil fuels.

The heat pump itself is installed in the building and works on similar principles as a typical domestic fridge. The heat pump in a fridge transfers heat from the inside of the fridge and the heat exchanger disperses the heat into the room via a small radiator usually at the back of the fridge.

A ground source heat pump absorbs the natural heat from within the ground by circulating water through a network of piping laid under the surface of the ground. The heat pump increases the temperature it receives from the ground before circulating it into the house by compressing refrigerant gases in the same way the fridge works. When a large volume of gas is compressed into a small space the heat energy in the gas becomes concentrated and very hot. The ground source heat pump then uses a heat exchanger to transfer that heat to the heating system in the building. The resulting heat is then transferred into the building by circulating hot water though radiators, a water tank or underfloor heating system.

After the high pressure refrigerant gas has yielded up its heat, the pressure of the gas is released and it then becomes very cold. The ground source heat pump uses a heat exchanger to cool water and transfer that cold water back to the ground loop circuit to start the process again. As the cold water is circulated through the ground it absorbs heat from the surrounding ground and the cycle begins again.


Ground source heat pump systems

We offer a comprehensive range of Ground source heat pumps, air source heat pumps and water source heat pumps to suit all installations for domestic homes and commercial properties.



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