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Log Gasification Boiler Servicing

It is a requirement to maintain a manufacturers warranty to service a Log Gasification Boiler at a minimum annually*. It is also a condition of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) that your unit is operating effectively and the best way to do this is to ensure it is suitably maintained.

Please note: We require you to shut down your boiler the night before a service to ensure it has cooled to be safely worked on.

Thermal Earth can offer servicing of a Log Gasification Boiler and it includes:

  • First 30 miles travelling from our Head Office
  • Engineer on site for up to 4 hours
  • Check system operation and system settings
  • Sweep flue and clean bottom Tee
  • Clean boiler combustion chambers
  • Clean heating system filter (where applicable)
  • Strip and clean heat exchanger
  • Check system expansion vessel
  • Ensure no leaks
  • Record system operation parameters

Cost of service for boilers up to 45kW: £245 including VAT.

Cost of service for boilers from 75 - 95kW: £325 including VAT.

Cost of service for 30kW Combi Boiler: £285 including VAT.

*Additional servicing may be required. This depends on the quality of the fuel that is used and boiler usage.

Additional notes:

  • The above does not include for any additional anti-freeze that may be required. This will be quoted at the time of the works as it can vary greatly between properties.
  • Does not include any component replacement outside of warranty. Workmanship warranty is 2 years, manufacturers warranties vary and apply from date of commissioning. Please see Terms and Conditions from your original purchase.
  • Additional mileage will be quoted at the time of enquiry. We will do our best to arrange multiple works in an area to minimise costs.
  • Does not include for any labour for additional works. Please see engineer rates Here


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