Thermal Earth are the United Kingdom's exclusive distributor of MasterTherm Heat Pumps. One of the world's leading specialist manufacturers of air source and ground source heat pumps, MasterTherm have brought their products to the UK market to offer British installers full access to the advanced technological features of the MasterTherm range. All MasterTherm UK heat pumps are MCS accredited by the BBA and are eligible for both the Non-Domestic and Domestic RHI.

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Why choose MasterTherm Heat Pumps?

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Remote System Management and 7 Year Warranty; The MasterTherm Remote System Management allows the user to remotely adjust room and water temperature settings, domestic hot water settings and the ability to switch the unit on or off. MasterTherm can fully monitor the performance of your system and diagnose issues without having to send engineers to site. iPhone and Android applications are available for easy control of your heat pump from a remote location.

Inverter Technology; Inverter Drive heat pumps are capable of continuously adjusting their heating output between the ranges of 30% and 100%. This level of control enables the output of the system to be matched perfectly to the demand of the property. This technology has a number of advantages over traditional fixed output heat pumps such as:-

  • HIGHER SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor); Reducing start-up, cycling and efficient operation.
  • SMALLER FOOTPRINT REQUIRED – Variable output control eliminates the need or reduces the required size of a buffer tank resulting in less space required for the system and a lower capital cost for installation;
  • LIMITS COMPRESSOR CYCLING – Inverter technology significantly reduces the cycling (on-and-off of the compressor) and vastly extends the lifespan of the equipment while reducing power consumption.

Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV); Electronic expansion valves are fitted as standard across the MasterTherm Heat Pump range. This allows improved control of the refrigeration circuit and increases the SPF, reliability and lifetime.

Solar Thermal Integration; Unlike the majority of heat pumps on the market today, MasterTherm has developed an integral solar system pump control to prevent any waste of energy. Whenever the cylinder requires hot water and before starting the heat cycle, the MasterTherm heat pump will check for any available solar gain. If there is solar gain available, the heat pump control will keep taking energy from the solar array until the cylinder is satisfied. If the solar has not provided adequate heat within time the heat pump will take over. This ensures the most economic use of electricity and maximising the savings without compromising the availability of hot water.

Total Environment Control; Having a system which incorporates a range of renewable sources is great news for the environment. However, without correct management and system design, both the consumer and the environment may not reap the benefits. MasterTherm solve this by having the heat pump at the heart of your heating system.






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