MasterTherm EasyMaster


The MasterTherm EasyMaster heat pump represents an excellent choice for economical and environmentally-friendly heating/cooling/domestic hot water with an outstanding cost-to value-ratio.

The split design brings its traditional advantages in the form of an ultra-low-noise external unit while the main heat pump components are situated inside the building.

Even though the heat pump represents one of the best prices for a split system heat pump on the domestic market, it comes fully equipped with a high-quality, low-noise and robust Sanyo compressor; as well as boasting the advanced technology of electronic coolant injection, equitherm control system and all components from world-renowned manufacturers.

The wide range of optional accessories offers additional extension of the heat pump control system according to your needs and includes internet diagnostic and a 7-year warranty.

The EasyMaster model is available in both indoor and outdoor models for full flexibility of installation.

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