Heatwave 7 Port-700m Kit Screed and Single Zone System


Ref: UFKPS77

Item contents

  • 1 x UFH Stainless Manifold 7 Port Kit (HWR232)
  • 4 x UFH 50mm Tacker Clips - Box 250 (2007)
  • 4 x Notched Edge strip with overlap (20222)
  • 14 x Eurocone Fitting 16x2.0 - Multilaye (HWR239)
  • 700 x Multilayer pipe coils 200m 16 x 2mm (ML0002-R)
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140m² @ 200mm - 105m² @ 150mm - 70m² @ 100mm

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Heatwave 2 Port-200m Kit Screed and Single Zone System
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