Technical - Powerflushing

PowerFlushing is the term used for cleaning a central heating system of sludge and debris, with a powerful flushing machine and chemicals.
This sludge can reduce water flow to a system, causing cold spots and blockage, additionally it can cause corrosion in the central heating system.

This can lead to shorten the life span of a boiler, the whole central heating system and a significant drop in efficiency and output.
Power flushing is necessary to keep your system in top condition and even help extend the life of your boiler, it can also help minimise breakdowns and repairs.

The objective of powerflushing is to restore systems with circulation (caused by sludge and corrosion deposits) to their optimum operation. Power flushing removes these deposits and the problems that they cause.

Where a new boiler/heating system is to be fitted to an older system, cleansing/powerflushing is of utmost importance in order to remove layers of Magnetite and in hard water areas limescale. For example, If this is not done a Hi Efficiency boiler with a SEDBUK A or B rating would be brought down to a C or D rating, making the installation impracticable and resulting in early failure of the boiler. This would not be covered by a manufacturer’s warranty in these circumstances. In order to give the system its full life expectancy, water treatment should always be carried out.

Thermal Earth recommend to PowerFlush every system prior to the installation of a new heating system to ensure that it will operate to its maximum efficiency.

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