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What is a Buffer Tank and How Does It Work With a Heat Pump?

Find out the purpose of a buffer tank, average cost and if you need them for every heat pump installation.
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The New Bulb Smart Tariff

Find out how the UK's biggest green energy supplier is helping to reduce your energy bills.
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The Clean Heat Grant (CHGS)

Learn about the Clean Heat Grant and how it could contribute to covering the cost of installing a heat pump.
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How Much Does A Heat Pump Cost?

Find out the average cost of installing a domestic heat pump.
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The Most Effective Off Grid Home Heating Methods

Learn more about your options for effective home heating for properties based off the grid.
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Ground Source Heat Pumps: How Much Space do you need?

Vertical or Horizontal Collector, how much space do you really need?
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Factors contributing to Climate Change

Each year growing concerns of how the climate is changing appears. What are the factors that contribute to the changing of the climate? How much is human activity contributing to to the change of the climate?
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How Businesses Benefit from Switching to a Heat Pump

Heating contributes a tremendous amount to the UK's overall carbon footprint. As homes and businesses are urged to ditch the fossil fuels and move to a carbon-neutral future, we look at the benefits switching to a heat pump can have for British industry.
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Inverter Heat Pumps vs. Fixed Output Single Speed: The Finer Details

Thermal Earth supplies inverter drive heat pumps made by MasterTherm. These units offer benefits in efficiency, cost and lifespan over fixed output units, and this article provides in-depth explanations about what makes them the preferred choice.
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Advantages of Inverter Heat Pumps over Fixed Output Single Speed

Inverter heat pumps are often preferred over fixed output units. Inverter technology offers significant advantages in terms of energy efficiency, cost and the lifespan of a heat pump. This article explains in detail the benefits of inverter heat pumps over fixed output.
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Gas boilers to be banned from new homes by 2025

It was announced in the Spring Statement that gas boilers will be banned from being installed in new homes from 2025. Instead, they'll be replaced with low-carbon alternatives. Thermal Earth welcomes this news and promotes heat pump technology.
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Preparing for Ofgem’s Energy Price Cap Rise

It was recently announced that Ofgem would be raising the cap set on energy prices in the UK to cover the rising cost to suppliers. This article explains the steps you can take to stay ahead of the cost curve.
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A Guide to Heat Pumps for 2019

Smarter and cleaner alternatives to heat energy are continually being sought out in the UK. One of the more popular options people opt for is the heat pump. But they remain a little-known commodity. Until now! For those who've been deliberating over heat pumps, we've created a guide to heat pumps to take you forward into 2019.
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Renewable energy is not just Wales’ future, but also its present

The latest version of Planning Policy Wales was released this week, which aims to explore the issues facing Wales’ environment today. We take a look at how heat pumps can help Wales slash its carbon usage and become more energy efficient.
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4 Ways to Get the Most from Your Heat Pump This Winter

December in the UK brings the some of the coldest months of the year, and we're reliant on our heating systems more than ever. We've created this short guide to help ensure your heat pump is used efficiently during the winter months.
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