Underfloor Heating - Curing screed with a UFH system

Often customers request to turn their heating on prior to completion of the building works at a property. This can be for a number of reasons but the ones we hear most often is to cure the underfloor heating screed quicker or to dry the property. This can assist with a number of follow on tradesmens work. i.e. allow carpenters to hang doors after the house has settled and reduces the likelihood of having to return to adjust doors.

What must be considered when a customer asks to do this is the amount of energy it takes. As it is the first heating process of the building the house will be cold and damp it takes a considerable amount of energy above the usual to heat the building and is relatively costly compared to typical running costs of your system. 

Therefore although we are happy to allow heating systems to be turned on when the building process is still underway please ensure you take all the sensible precautions to limit heat loss even though the building is not complete. i.e. have windows installed and be closed.

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