Heat Pumps - Simultaneous heating and cooling

Utilising MasterTherm's bespoke MasterLAN™ algorithm and controls, our systems are able to offer simultaneous heating and cooling to buildings, manufacturing processes and numerous other applications. Heat pumps in general are able to offer 'heating energy' and 'cooling energy' either actively or passively but with the MasterLAN™ application the management of the actual heating and cooling capacities of our inverter heat pumps is far more controlled, balanced and efficient when compared against other manufacturers.  

New buildings have high levels of insulation and are air tight, this is great during the winter when we need to retain heat but this is offset during summer months when cooling is needed to bring the internal temperatures down. Some manufacturing processes such as galvanising steel, brewing of beer, anoidsing aluminium and ice cream production to name a few all have a heating and cooling demand. Ground Source Heat Pumps are ideally suited to provide this and can offer significant energy savings over conventional heating and cooling systems.  

With MasterTherm's MasterLAN application, rather than this energy being provided with a reversible unit, this can be achieved with our unique control system without the need of a reversible unit. We are able to control the multiple setpoints of each unit at the given conditions and external valves to ensure that the energy is going to the right place at the right time. 

As with any system it is critically important that its designed correctly and each element equally capable of heating and cooling rejection. Please contact us to discuss any project in greater detail.

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