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Technical - Towel Radiators with Heat Pump Systems

It is recommended that when making a choice of towel radiators with a heat pump system, it is important that you choose a model that is dual fuel. Both water and electric. With low temperature systems, towel radiators will not adequately heat a room so you will still need a UFH zone or radiator. The towel radiators can operate on the same low temperature loop as the heating system during winter periods but when in summer mode the water system will turn off and you can then activate the electric element to dry towels

When using Duel Fuel Towel Radiators, there is a correct way to operate them with your system during summer months.

  • Isolate the towel rail from the main system by turning off the radiator valves.
  • Loosen the return valve slightly to allow the expansion of water when its being heated by the electrical heating element.
  • You can now turn on the heating element.

During winter months, simply follow the above steps backwards and allow the towel radiator to be heated by the main system.