Biomass Boiler - Are they safe?

Due to rising energy costs and government incentive, biomass boilers have been rapidly gaining popularity across Europe and the UK as a cost effective and safe energy source since they were introduced. The safety of biomass boilers is further endorsed by the backing of the government “RHI” scheme. It is key you choose a reputable company who is familiar with biomass installations and the various safety mechanisms that need to be installed with various types of boilers. As long as they are installed correctly, biomass boilers are safe.

Our Biomass boilers are of the highest quality ensuring not only their reliability but their safety too. As an example, our range of Ponast Biomass Boilers have been ruled as “Smoke Control Area exempt appliances” by the department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

This makes them exempt in the UK from any bans of use in existing smoke-control areas and you avoid a potential £1000 penalty if you use an inferior product without such accreditation.

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