Biomass Boiler - How much can you save?

Having a biomass boiler installed can lead to significant savings on your heating bills. They cost much less to run than conventional alternatives so can make a big difference to your back pocket. Biomass boilers are very efficient and in general are very easy use. There are different types of boilers available which require different levels of customer operation and maintenace. For example, logs are by far the cheapest form of fuel and can be sourced locally or even from you own land but these need alot more work than a pellet boiler for example which can be fully automatic but the cost of fuel is considerably higher. Therefore, how much you can save from the installation of a biomass boiler depends greatly on the type of biomass boiler you choose, the fuel its replacing and the amount of end user work to operate it. 

On top of cheaper heating costs, having a biomass boiler installed offers environmental benefits. The carbon dioxide emissions are significantly lower than more traditional fuels. For example, replacing a coal fired system with a wood fuelled boiler can reduce carbon emissions by as much as 7.5 tonnes a year.

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