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Underfloor Heating - Can it be installed DIY?

Even for the most confident DIY-er, Installing underfloor heating can prove to be a tricky and time consuming task. Although there are aspects of the design and installation process that can be done by the homeowner, there are other components of the job which require the knowledge and understanding of a skilled and qualified professional.

Given the fact that once the flooring is laid, it would be difficult to access again if errors were made during installation, it is always the best option to call upon the skills of a professional to ensure the job is done safely and correctly in the first place.

Whatever level of involvement you choose to have in the installation of your underfloor heating system, electrical and gas connections must always be carried about by qualified professionals.

In addition to the job being made more easy, safe and more professional, a reputable installer will be able to offer advice throughout the planning phase, much of which can prove invaluable and can safeguard against any errors being made in terms of choice of system, installation methods and much more.

When choosing an installer, make sure that you check their qualifications and industry accreditation's. It’s also important to find out what sort of pre service advice and post service support, maintenance and warranties they offer.

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