Heat Pump System Design & Specification

Correct design is fundamental to any heat pump installation. Calculations are required to determine the buildings heat loss, energy consumption profile and domestic hot water requirements so that the heat pump can be correctly sized and specified for the heat demand. If a heat pump is undersized it could mean that the system is working harder so is less efficient whereas if it's larger than required it could produce more energy than needed so potential energy savings and costs won't be reduced. At Thermal Earth we're experts at system design and can provide you with schematics and a complete bill of materials for your project.


Heat load, heat loss and schematics Design

When designing a system we'll carry out head load and heat loss reports, considering factors such as the fabric of the building, air exchange rates, mean temperatures internal and external and insulation levels. These are provided as documents which you can also share with your customer as part of a project pack to demonstrate a high level of service.

Once these reports have been carried out we'll design the system, specifying all components required to complete the installation and providing you with a schematic and if required a 3D render for their layout in the plant room.


Underfloor Heating System DesignUnderfloor Heating

We can design underfloor heating systems for both domestic and commercial projects with considerations given to spacing requirements, flow rates and temperatures. We'll provide you with a design and a complete kit which can be delivered direct to site ready for work to begin.


Radiator System DesignRadiator System

We stock over 200 radiators plus fan coil units from the Olimpia Splendid range. We can design a radiator system using these products or even with preferred radiators selected by your customer. 


Vertical or Horizontal Collector Field DesignGround Collectors

If you're working on a particularly large project for 3 or more houses, our field design service can help to ensure you're achieving the required heat demand for the properties within the amount of space available. We can advise on whether vertical or horizontal collectors would be most suitable and if the properties could even benefit from shared ground arrays.


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