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Heat Recovery Solutions

Utilising MasterTherm heat pump technology we are able to recover heat in many different forms.
Heating or cooling energy can be recovered and reused for other processes. Striving for greater efficiency in these commercial processes and the ability to absorb any waste heat, we can offer significant cost and environmental advantages providing a cheap source of heating, hot water, technology heating or process pre-heating. MasterTherm can absorb this energy with ground or air source heat pumps.
We can offer a full turnkey package for your project and offer a one stop shop ensuring a fully functioning system operating at maximum potential. These types of systems usually offer a very quick return on investment and can also benefit from the non-domestic RHI.

MasterTherm have delivered a wide range of solutions across Europe to many different industries. From Data Centre Cooling to Cooling/Heating of the Treatment tanks at a metal surface treatment facility. 

A full list of possible sectors where this technology can be used:

  • Manufacturing and processing technologies
  • Metal processing and engineering
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Chemical and Biochemical production
  • Plastics industry
    • Galvanic treatment
    • Surface treatment of metals
    • Date centres and server rooms
    • Agricultural industry such as milking parlours
    • Food production and abattoirs
    • Brewery and wine making
    • Hotels, office buildings 
    • Any other similar application where heating and cooling is required...

    Please see the range of MasterTherm Heat Pumps:

    MasterTherm Heat Pumps 

    Unique Heat Recovery Models

    In addition to our standard heat pump heat recovery solutions, MasterTherm have developed 2 models specifically for heat recovery that are able to operate with more extreme operating conditions than standard ground source heat pumps.

    These units can operate with source inlet temperatures of 0 - 45°c and load outlet temperatures of 35 - 80°c.

    Currently available in 2 capacities:

    52kW - COP = 6.5 (W40W65)
    78kW - COP = 6.0 (W40W65)

    Find more information about these models Here

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