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What is heat recovery?

Heat recovery is an energy recovery process that collects valuable hot or cold energy that would otherwise be lost or wasted, and then uses it in a positive way. An example of this might be taking absorbing excess heat produced in a manufacturing process and using this to provide space heating or hot water to an office located on the same site. Many industrial and manufacturing processes can generate waste thermal energy, but we can recover this and reuse it for other processes to create greater efficiency and a more economic system.

What Systems Do You Use For Heat Recovery?

Using MasterTherm ground source or air source heat pumps, our systems are capable of repurposing thermal waste energy to provide heating, hot water or process pre-heating. Our systems are already providing this technology in many different settings from concrete factories and car part manufacturers to the cooling of data centres. Along with heat pumps, we can also integrate battery storage so that if there is no immediate use for the energy that has been recovered, it can be stored until it's next needed.

What are the benefits of using renewable technology for heat recovery?

  • Ground source and air source heat pumps are highly efficient and only require 1kW of electricity to generate 3 or 4kWh of heat energy 
  • Reduced operating costs as utilise these systems extract energy from the air or ground and only require a small amount of electricity to operate
  • Clean and carbon free providing your company with green credentials.
  • Combustion free
  • Low maintenance and long lifespan
We can offer a full turnkey package for your project by providing an end to end design, procurement and installation service to ensure a fully functioning, high efficiency system which operates at maximum potential. 


Below are some examples of sectors where heat recovery technology can be used:

  • Manufacturing and processing technologies
  • Metal processing and engineering
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Chemical and Biochemical production
  • Plastics industry
    • Galvanic treatment
    • Surface treatment of metals
    • Date centres and server rooms
    • Agricultural industry such as milking parlours
    • Food production and abattoirs
    • Brewery and wine making
    • Hotels, office buildings 
    • Any other similar application where heating and cooling is required...

    Learn more about the features and benefits of MasterTherm heat pumps by clicking the button below.

    MasterTherm Heat Pumps 


    MasterTherm heat recovery systems have been installed all over Europe, take a closer look at one of the systems and how it works in this case study video below and learn more about it here.

    Unique Heat Recovery heat pump Models

    In addition to our standard heat pump heat recovery solutions, MasterTherm have developed 2 models specifically for heat recovery that are able to operate with more extreme operating conditions than standard ground source heat pumps.

    These units can operate with source inlet temperatures of 0 - 45°c and load outlet temperatures of 35 - 80°c.

    Currently available in 2 capacities:

    52kW - COP = 6.5 (W40W65)
    78kW - COP = 6.0 (W40W65)

    Find more information about these models Here


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